2019 Y+瑜伽节 Y+ Yoga Fest


Y+ Fest | 2019 Y+ 瑜伽节 • 无限:国际一线大咖云集,格莱美音乐人助阵,燃爆瑜伽圈!



Y+ 瑜伽节 · 无限

20191018- 1020

@Y+ 瑜伽,上海





Y+ Yoga Fest · Infinity

October 18 - October 20, 2019 

@Y+ Yoga, Shanghai 

17 international yoga masters and stars 

Will lead you experience the incredible Yoga Fest

Light up your inner energy and explore the infinity! 



酷炫体式派 · Amazing Yoga Power


Baron Baptiste

巴普提斯特瑜伽创始人 | 纽约时报畅销书作家 | 艾美奖电影制片人得主

The Founder of Baptiste Yoga | New York Times Bestseller Writer | Emmy Award Producer


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - 巴普提斯特瑜伽是一种风靡全美的瑜伽练习方式,许多专业运动员、教师、500强企业高管和社会领袖等都热衷于它的练习。

Baptiste Power Yoga is a popular and effective style of yoga practiced by people from professional athletes; parents, teachers, Fortune 500 executives, and community leaders.

2 - 强劲的体式练习和呼吸,建立自我身心的觉醒力量,找到自我内心的力量与平静。

Experience the powerful asanas and breathing to build your physical and mental power, and your inner strength and peace.


Cat Shanti

现代瑜伽影响力人物 | TAPAYOGA 创始人

Most Influential Yogi in Modern World | The Founder of TAPAYOGA


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - 健康脊柱的重要性,如何有效训练肩、颈、胸腔和下背。 What is the value of the healthy spine and How to work out the neck, shoulders, chest and lower back effectively?

2 - 手倒立的诀窍,通过动态及静态训练,发展平衡和力量,和谐地构建身体,进而驾驭手倒立。What is the secret of handstand and learn dynamic and static exercises that develop balance and strength, which will allow you to build on your body harmoniously and lead to the mastering of the handstand.

3 - 学习唱诵及冥想,了解唱诵的类型以及重复恰当的唱诵。尝试无视觉的瑜伽。About mantra and mediation, what types of mantras and how to repeat them properly? Experience yoga with closed eyes.


Devin Kelley

倒立之王 | 身体人工学术的奇才 | ins 世界男神

King of Inversion | Talent of Body Movement | World Famous INS KOL


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - 手倒立大师课程,教你如何起飞,突破倒立瓶颈,变身倒立大师 Master classes of handstand, fly & break through the bottleneck and master handstand skills. 

2 - 地面运动新颖的健身体系练习激活身体整体力量和协调能力,创造漂浮的动作。 The new exercise of fitness on ground, activates the strength and coordination of the body, and experience floating movements. 


Raphael Melo

瑜伽神童 | 世界瑜伽大师Richard Freeman的传承人

Yoga Genius | Student of World Famous Yoga Master Richard Freeman


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - 体式课程:普拉纳的圣舞 - 探索顺位流瑜伽的智慧。 The Sacred Dance of Prana - Explore the intelligence of alignment vinyasa yoga.

2 - 体式课程:瑜伽,声音与消融 - 通过呼吸质量和神圣咒语的念诵,我们将练习倾听、移动身体和使心灵平静。 Yoga, Sound and Dissolution - Via the best quality of the breath and chanting of sacred mantras, we will practice listening, moving the body and quieting the mind. 

3 - 体式课程:爱、接受与治愈 - 集中精力分解后弯,以治疗的形式整合内外顺位,进入调息和特别冥想。 Love, Acceptance and Healing - Focus on the breaking-down of backbends while integrating the inner and outer alignment in a therapeutic format, followed by pranayama and a special meditation. 

4 - 禅修课程:瑜伽、自我和苦难 - 通过帕坦伽利的指引来观察思维模式,重点有关5种逆境以及对我们垫上和垫下生活的影响。Yoga, Ego and Suffering - We will look at the patterns of the mind through the teachings of Patanjali, emphasizing on the 5 sufferings (klesas) and how they tend to affect our lives on and off the mat. 


智慧内涵派 · Brilliant Yoga Wisdom


Lance Schuler

瑜伽界教父 | INSPYA瑜伽学院创始人

Godfather of Yoga | The Founder & Director of INSPYA


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - 108拜日式祈福仪式 Experience the ceremony of 108 Sun Salutations.

2 - 全心进入生命流动 Enter the flow of life with your whole heart. 

3 - 反转世界,让颠倒的体式给你全新练习体验 Turn the world around and experience the new practice of inversions. 


Mark Whitwell

世界瑜伽历史贡献人物 | 瑜伽之心创始人

World Yoga Historic Master | The Founder of “Yoga of Heart” 


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - 著名的瑜伽之心系列课程,纯正的传承经典瑜伽 Learn the classical yoga from the famous courses - Heart of Yoga.

2 - 大师经典著作《上帝与性》,体验同名大师课 Master class of "God and Sex" based on the book with same name.


Carlos Pomeda

世界瑜伽哲学标竿 World Benchmark of Yoga Philosophy 


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - 现代性与爱与瑜伽如何完美链接How to link sex, love and yoga perfectly?

2 - 身,心,生活环境与密宗心钥相融的智慧The intelligence of body, heart, and environment is the key of Esoteric.

3 - 冥想之于现代人意识的健康理念Learn meditation about the health concept of modern people.


理疗健康派 · Essential Yoga Therapy


Richard Baimbridge

亚洲墙绳瑜伽授权大使 Certificated Ambassador of The Great Yoga Wall in Asia


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - 对肩颈和脊椎有修复作用的墙绳瑜伽,通过倒挂牵引,让你的体态恢复健康美丽。 Wall rope yoga, which can repair shoulder, neck and spine, restores your health and beauty by hanging upside down. 

2 - 双人飞翔瑜伽,感受互动的力量,通过灵巧的互助,让你打开内在联结。 In Arco Yoga, you will feel the power of interaction, and open the inner link with partners’ help. 

3 - 大师Richard将和他的太太一起分享孕妇瑜伽课程,让准妈妈爸爸在专业的学习中为孕育做好准备,并学习有效的产后恢复。 Master Richard will share the Prenatal Yoga with his wife, so that the future mothers and fathers can prepare for pregnancy and learn effective post natal restoration. 


Pablo Alvarez

TAV瑜伽(理疗正位流瑜伽)创始人 The Founder of TAV


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - TAV的课程能够帮助城市亚健康状态的疗愈。 TAV course helps solve the sub-health problems for urban people. 

2 - TAV独创专业辅具解决肩颈等脊椎问题。 TAV professional props can solve the problems of the shoulders and neck.


Jose Luis Jimenez

FlyHighYoga™空中瑜伽创始人 The Founder of FlyHighYoga™


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - 独创FlyHighYoga™辅具挂绳在空中创造更深度的后弯新体验。 Original designed FlyHighYoga™ belt will create a deeper back bend experience for you. 

2 - 通过空中悬挂,对脊椎有神奇的修复能力,让脊椎得到顺位和释放 Magically restore your spine by flying high and create alignment and relaxation for the spine.

3 - 利用颠倒的反重力,让关节更彻底释放僵硬和毒素。 Release stiffness and detox for the hips with gravity. 


唱酷时尚派 · Fashion Yoga Icon


Dave Stringer

格兰梅奖提名音乐人 | 唱片制作人 | 作曲家 | 世界排名前三的唱诵大师

Grammy Awards Nominated Musician | Producer | Composer | World Top 3 Chanting Master 


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - 如何打开自己内在的封闭,敞开心去唱去爱。 Open the inner self & heart to sing, to love.

2 - 唱诵背后的含义,曼陀罗的含义和力量。 Understand the meaning of Mantra & Mandala.


Duncan Wong


Yoga Master of International Stars Madonna and Sting


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - 瑜伽与电子音乐流动极致体验。 Experience the extremely fabulous of flow in electronic music.

2 - 从根基,勇士,手印等经典流瑜伽课程中体验流动的魅力。 Learn from the flow courses of foundation, vira & mudra.



Y+ 明星导师 · Y+ Yoga Stars



瑜伽编排艺术才子 The Art of Sequencing Talent


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - DHI核心流:结合传统与现代武术的有机动作与精确核心解剖学,还原身体本真的弹力。

DHI Core Flow - Combining traditional and modern martial arts movements and anatomy, to restore the flexibility. 

2 - DHI阴阳流:针对人体淤堵与虚亏两大气血症状,以阴阳五行为基本哲学核心,结合流瑜伽、呼吸法和经络伸展的综合性气血练习。

DHI Yin-Yang Flow - Aiming at the congestion and deficiency of Qi, based on the philosophy of Yin-Yang and practice with the Qi, flow, pranayama and meridian stretching. 

3 - DHI四力四伸展之后弯:稳定并解放身体的下段(髋与骨盆)中段(腰腹部)与上段(肩颈胸背),达成安全高效舒适的后弯练习。

DHI Back Bending - stabilize and liberate the lower part of the body, the middle part and the upper part to achieve safe, efficient and comfortable back bending. 



Kungfu瑜伽创始人 The Founder of Kungfu Yoga


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - Prakasa瑜伽:在声音的震动中深深扎根,打开心扉,为体式练习带来更多的光与联结。

Prakasa Yoga - Take roots and open the heart with sound vibration to bring more light and connection into asana practice. 

2 - Prakasa生命疗愈:连接自身能量,追寻当下所需的疗愈。创造打开的空间,柔软身心的紧张,解决过往的痛苦。

Praksa Life Healing - Connect with your own energy and find the healing what you need. Create an open space and soften your mind and body to reach the cause of pain from past. 



音疗瑜伽创始人 The Founder of Sound Healing


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - 利用水晶和铜锣疗愈人体神经系统。 Heal the human nervous system with crystal bowls and gongs.

2 - 了解音波对人体和意识的影响和作用。 Understand the function of sound on body and mind.

3 - 让意识和身体的深处得到深度的休息 Rest the consciousness and body in depth. 



超人气寰宇瑜伽名师 The Most Popular Universal Yoga Teacher 


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - 寰宇静态伸展:使用被动拉伸的规则,全方位的活动我们的关节,让我们的身体充满活力。

Universal Static Stretch - Open various parts of joints with energy by the rules of passive stretching and active the energy.

2 - 寰宇曼陀罗:以头的方向改变带动和唤起不同方位的能量与宇宙世界万物的能量结合,在无限循环的曼陀罗中重建我们身体的稳定与和谐。

Universal Mandala - Takes control, balance and unity as the goal with principles of creativity, consciousness and freedom, and makes all the Mayakoshas to unity, control and balance. 



超人气流瑜伽名师The Most Popular Flow Yoga Teacher


课程特色 About The Courses

1 - 悟空流瑜伽:这个历史悠久的序列是由许多不同的体式组所组成,既类似于Ashtanga序列的规定结构,又能根据学生的水平做出调整,通过身体顺位,内在能量控制自己不同的心理工具来进行的整体瑜伽练习。

Gokul Vinyasa - This ancient sequence includes groups of yoga postures that is not only similar to Ashtanga sequence, but also can be adjusted according to the level of students. It is an integral yoga practice conducted through body alignment, internal energy control of different psychological tools, etc. 


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2019 Y+瑜伽节·无限

Y+ Yoga Fest 2019 • Infinity


日期 Date

2019/10/18 - 2019/10/20


地点 Location

Y+瑜伽旗下会馆,Y+ Yoga Studios


票价 Price

1299 RMB (三日票 3 Days Pass)

499 RMB (一日票 1 Days Pass)

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